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RCM Construction is one of the leading supplier of Steel Products in the entire Philippines. Our deliveries covered Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao Island with accurate time and date of delivery. We assigned one of our trusted person to help you transport your products safely and smoothly.

Our Products :

Beams and Wide Flanges ** Sheet Piles ** Tubular ** Deformed Bars ** Angle Bars ** GI Pipes ** Steel Plates ** Checkered Plates ** Channel Bars ** Square Tubing ** Rectangular Tubing ** C Purlins ** Galvanized Purlins ** Plain Round Bars ** Square Bars ** Steel Matting ** Boards (Penolic, Gypsum, Plyboard, etc.) ** Color Roofing ** Steel Deck (Web/Flat) ** Flashing ** Polycarbonate ** Polyetheline Sheet / Rolls

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